Disney MagicBand Tutorial & Application Instructions

How To Apply Your ShopEmilyG Magic Band Decal:
• CLEAN YOUR MAGICBAND thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and allow
it to dry completely before attempting to apply the decal to your Magic Band.
Even if your MagicBand is brand new, we still recommend cleaning it first.
• SNAP YOUR MAGIC BAND TOGETHER as if it were on your wrist so that it is in it’s
natural circular shape. The decal will apply best like this. If you have
removed the outer gray portion of your Magic Band already and cannot snap it
and apply the decal at the same time, just try to keep the band in a circle
while applying the decal. Most importantly, do not stretch the Magic Band out flat
or bend it backwards to apply the decal.
TRY TO NOT TOUCH THE ADHESIVE SIDE of the decal while applying it to
your Magic Band. Peel off one piece of the decal & begin applying it to
your band by lining up the semi-circle part around the puck
first, making sure the “arms” lie correctly around the puck. Use your
thumb to smooth the “arms” around the puck into the correct position.
Then, work your way down the band, using your thumb to guide the decal
correctly down the band.  The vinyl we use is easy to manipulate so that you
can make the decal place correctly on the band.
• A BLOWDRYER IS MAGICAL for smoothing out wrinkles, bubbles or
stubborn areas that do not look right. Simply use a blow dryer on HIGH
heat for a few seconds to heat up the vinyl. Then, with firm pressure, use
your thumb to smooth out the vinyl where you were having trouble. Heat
helps to activate the stickiness of the vinyl too if you’ve had to apply and
reposition the decal a few times to get it in the correct position.
HOURS BEFORE YOU USE IT. If this isn’t possible, they will still work fine -
We’ve applied dozens on the fly in the parks without issue. But if it’s your first
time applying one, it’s easier to do when you aren’t rushed and can make
sure it is placed perfectly on the band.
• DID YOU ORDER A GLOW IN THE DARK DECAL? The Glow in the Dark vinyl
has to be light activated. The sunshine or any light will do the trick. You can
test it with a flashlight on the decal for about 1 min then view it in the dark.
In the parks - the sunshine (even on cloudy days) will activate the glow aspect
so that it glows at night & on dark attractions.
• POST A PICTURE OF YOUR DECAL ON INSTAGRAM & Tag us @shopemilyg and #magicbands.