Nintendo Switch Skin Tutorial Video & Application Instructions

How To Apply A ShopEmilyG Skin To Your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite:
• Clean, Clean, Clean! Find a clean workspace, preferably a flat
surface where you can stabilize your device. Make sure your hands are
clean & dry. Lastly, be sure your device is clean. Use a damp paper
towel to clean the surfaces you will be applying the skin to. The
cleaner, the better. Make sure your device is dry before you begin.

• Peel It!
Simply grab a corner of the vinyl skin and gently peel the
backing away.  As you peel it from the backing, try to refrain from
touching the adhesive side as much as possible. For any thin areas,
be sure to lift carefully to avoid stretching the vinyl.

•  Apply It!
Refrain from applying firm pressure until it’s exactly where
you want it. That way you’ll be able to lift up and reposition until you
get it right. For most surfaces, the skin will be able to slide on the
surface. Start by aligning it around buttons (if applicable) or any part
of the device that it’s super obvious where the skin lines up best.

• Stick It!
Now that everything is perfectly aligned, start applying
pressure from the center and work your way out towards the edge of
the device. This is especially important when working with a device
with curved edges. You'll want to push with your thumb out towards
the curved edge to smooth out those bumps.

• Blow Dry It!
Blow dryers are magical when working with vinyl for
smoothing out wrinkles, bubbles or stubborn areas that do not look
right. Simply use a blow dryer on HIGH heat for a few seconds to heat
up the vinyl. Then, with firm pressure, use your thumb to smooth out
the vinyl where you were having trouble. Heat helps to reactivate the
stickiness of the vinyl too if you’ve had to apply and reposition the
decal a few times to get it in the correct position.