About Us

Our company started with a passion for Disney World & our love for all things family & fun.  We moved to Orlando a few years back & as a (really nice) side benefit, we get to visit Disney World often and absolutely love everything that Disney encompasses and the memories it creates for our family and others. Just as with the photo above, I rarely get a family photo without our friends in it (the couple to the right of Daisy are friends of ours) - we go often with friends...it makes each trip that much more magical.

We love Disney & we love getting to add a little extra magic to our customers vacations too - the happiness our decals have brought over the years makes what we do so much more special. 

We are dedicated to our customers & providing the best product that we can.  Feel free to email us if you have any questions - even if they are simple Disney questions for advice, we love to help others learn to navigate the parks a little better!

Wishing you lots of magic,

Justin & Melissa